Cahiers du dix-septième

<p><em>Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal</em> (ISSN: 1040-3647) publishes articles written in either English or French, up to 20,000 words in length (including notes and works cited), on French seventeenth-century studies, including literature, art, music, history, and philosophy. <a href="node/121">Submission guidelines can be viewed by clicking on this link. </a></p> <p>All submissions are double-blind peer-reviewed.</p> <p>The journal is sponsored by the <a href="">Department of Romance Languages</a> at Bowdoin College and is a fully open-access journal.</p> <p><strong>Faith E. Beasley, <em>Edito</em></strong><em><b>r</b></em> Dartmouth College, Department of French &amp; Italian</p> <p><strong>Rose Pruiksma, <em>Associate Edito</em></strong><em><b>r</b></em> University of New Hampshire, Department of Music</p> <p><strong>Claire Goldstein</strong><b>, </b><em><strong>Review Editor</strong></em> Miami University, Department of French &amp; Italian</p> <p><strong>Allison Stedman</strong><b>, </b><em><strong>Review Editor</strong></em> UNC-Charlotte, Department of Languages &amp; Cultural Studies</p> <p><strong>Meadow Dibble, <em>Editorial Assistant</em></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Editors and the SE17 Executive Committee would like to thank Bowdoin College and for their generous support of this journal. &copy; Copyright 1988-2012 by the Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies.</p>