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CUNY Graduate Center

Congratulations are in order to Domna Stanton, who was recently featured on the New Books in French Studies podcast to speak about her book

    The Dynamics of Gender in Early Modern France: Women Writ, Women Writing (Ashgate, 2014).

You can listen to this, past, and future interviews here: http://newbooksinfrenchstudies.com

New Books in French Studies features discussions with scholars of France and the Francophone world about their latest books. It is part of the New Books Network, a consortium of podcasts exploring recent publications across a wide range of fields. The podcasts can also be accessed via iTunes, and listeners can subscribe to the series there as well. 

1 year 38 weeks ago
The University of Virginia

Please join me in congratulating John D. Lyons on his forthcoming edited volume, The Cambridge Companion to French Literature.

The volume features three chapters on the 17th century:

Michael Moriarty, "Varieties of doubt in early modern writing

Elizabeth Goldsmith, "Galant Culture"

John Lyons, "Tragedy and fear"

Further editoral details -- including a Table of Contents -- can be accessed through this link.

1 year 41 weeks ago
New York University

Congratulations to Henriette Goldwyn for the publication of a recent chapter on Madame du Noyer, co-authored with Suzan van Dijk, that appeared in a recent volume on the Peace of Utrecht.

Entitled "Madame du Noyer Presenting and Re-presenting the Peace of Utrecht," the chapter is accessible here: http://booksandjournals.brillonline.com/content/books/b9789004304789_007

Full bibliographic information is copied below:

Chapter 5, Henriette Goldwyn and Suzan van Dijk, "Madame du Noyer Presenting and Re-presenting the Peace of Utrecht," in Performances of Peace: Utrecht 1713, Ed. Renger E. de Bruin, Cornelis van der Haven, Lotte Jensen and David Onnekink, Brill, Leiden 2015.


1 year 44 weeks ago
Doctorant, Université de Fribourg / Université de Paris-Sorbonne
Félicitations à Christophe Schuwey pour la publication récente d'un site web consacré à la "Naissance de la critique dramatique" : 
La base de données « Naissance de la critique dramatique » (C. Bourqui, L. Michel, C. Piot, C. Schuwey) rassemble des discours sur le théâtre au XVIIe siècle qui ne sont ni des discours poétiques ni des discours théoriques. Elle contient à l’heure actuelle plus de 1400 extraits allant de véritables critiques dramatiques à des scènes galantes advenues à la comédie, en passant par des anecdotes sur les actrices et des récits de représentations. Chercheurs et étudiants peuvent ainsi retrouver les différents discours produits sur un dramaturge, une pièce ou un terme par le biais du moteur de recherche, ou explorer la collection via les différents points d’entrée proposés. 
1 year 48 weeks ago
University of California at Los Angeles

Congratulations to Malina Stefanovska for her new volume, co-edited with Adrien Paschoud, on dissidence in the 16th and 17th centuries:

Littérature et politique - Factions et dissidences de la Ligue à la Fronde

A short description is copied below; the full Table of Contents can be accessed through the following link: http://www.classiques-garnier.com/editions-tabmats/MsaMS01_tabmat.pdf

Comment s'énonce la dissidence politique, religieuse et philosophique à l'époque où se théorise l'absolutisme? Ce volume collectif cherche à en suivre les manifestations et les enjeux dans des écrits littéraires, historiques, philosophiques et théologiques entre la Ligue et la Fronde.


1 year 50 weeks ago
Dartmouth College

Congrats to Kelly McConnell for her article in the peer-reviewed, web-based Literary Encyclopedia on Corneille's Horace. You can consult the article here: http://www.litencyc.com/php/sworks.php?rec=true&UID=4687


2 years 2 days ago
Dartmouth College

Kathrina LaPorta has recently published an article in the French Studies Bulletin, "Judging a Book by its Cover: The Aesthetics of the Ephemeral in L'Alcoran de Louis XIV, ou le testament politique du Cardinal Jules Mazarin (1695). An excerpt and full citation information for the piece can be found through the following link:


2 years 5 weeks ago
Doctorante contractuelle, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Please join me in congratulating Tiphaine Rolland for the publication of her book, L'atelier du conteur. Les Contes et nouvelles de Jean de La Fontaine : ascendances, influences, confluences, Paris: Honoré Champion, 2014.

You can find more information, such as a summary and the table of contents, on the following site: http://www.honorechampion.com/fr/champion/8569-book-08532663-9782745326638.html

2 years 7 weeks ago
Graduate student at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Congratulations to Jakob Willis for three recent publications:

1) Willis, Jakob (2014): Emotions and Affects of the Heroic – An Analysis of Pierre Corneille’s Drama Nicomède,  in: helden. heroes. héros. E-Journal on Cultures of the Heroic. Special Issue 1, pp. 24–35.

2) Willis, Jakob & Posselt-Kuhli, Christina (2015): La Gloire du Val-de-Grâce ou l’artiste en héros chez Molière et Pierre Mignard, in: Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature, Vol. XLII, No. 83, pp. 409–441.

3) Willis, Jakob (2015): Pierre Corneille’s Cinna ou la clémence d’Auguste in Light of Contemporary Discourses on Anger (Le Moyne, Descartes, Senault), in: Karl Enenkel & Anita Traninger (edd.), Discourses of Anger in the Early  Modern Period, Boston: Brill, pp. 331–354.

2 years 8 weeks ago
Brown University

Please join me in congratulating VK Preston, who was recently hired as Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University in the Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Department. She has also recently authored two publications on seventeenth-century performance in France and the Atlantic World.

Preston, VK. 2015. “‘How do I touch this text?’ Or, the Interdisciplines Between: Dance and Theatre in Early Modern Archives.” In The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater, edited by Nadine George-Graves. 56-89. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Preston, VK. 2014. “Un/becoming Nomad: Marc Lescarbot, Movement and Metamorphosis in Les Muses de la Nouvelle France.” In History, Memory, Performance, edited by David Dean, Yana Meerzon, and Kathryn Price, 68-82. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 

2 years 9 weeks ago