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University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Please join me in congratulating Allison Stedman, who has just been awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities full-year faculty fellowship for her new book project, The Mind-Body Connection in Early Modern France (1580-1735). Félicitations ! 

"NEH Fellowships support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both."

14 weeks 6 days ago
Yale University

Congratulations to Christopher Semk for his book, Playing the Martyr: Theater and Theology in Early Modern France, which has just been published with Bucknell University Press. Félicitations!

Details on the book are copied below: Playing the Martyr is a book about the interplay between theater and religion in early modern France. Challenging the standard narrative of modernity as a process of increased secularization Christopher Semk demonstrates the centrality of religious thought and practices to the development of neoclassical poetics. Engaging with a broad corpus of religious plays, poetic treatises, devotional literature, and contemporary theory, Semk shows that religion was a vital interlocutor in early modern discussions concerning the definition of verisimilitude, the nature and purpose of spectacle, the mechanics of acting, and the position of the spectator. Well researched and persuasively argued, Playing the Martyr makes the case for a more complicated approach to the relationship between religion and literature, namely, one that does not treat religion as a theme deployed within literary works, but as an active player in literary invention. Indeed, it makes the case for a serious reconsideration of the role that religion plays in the development of modern, secular literary forms.

22 weeks 2 days ago
Oklahoma State University

Please join me in congratulating Perry Gethner for having received a 2016 Award from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women for his edition, Challenges to Traditional Authority: Plays by French Women Authors 1650-1700 (Toronto: Iter). Further details are available here. Congratulations, Perry!

31 weeks 6 days ago
University of Georgia

Félicitations à Francis Assaf d’avoir été nommé professeur émérite à  l’Université de Géorgie ! Félicitations, Francis !

31 weeks 6 days ago

Faith Beasley wishes to announce to our community that the registration period is now officially open for our next conference, to take place at Dartmouth College from November 10-13, 2016 in Hanover, NH. Please note that the pre-registration rate is valid through September 15. You can access the registration page by clicking the "2016 Annual Conference" link on our SE17 homepage, or through the following link.

The conference program, details regarding accomodations and travel, and other helpful information are available on the 2016 Annual Conference webpage: http://se17.bowdoin.edu/SE17/conference/2016.

35 weeks 6 days ago

A reminder about the publication of our most recent issue of the Cahiers du 17ème siecle, which features articles by Sarah Madry, Jennifer Perlmutter, Deborah Steinberger, and Vincent Grégoire, as well as book reviews for works by Michael Call (review by Ralph Albanese), Michael Meere (review by Chris Semk), and Eric Turcat (review by Marie-Alix de Richemont).

Congratulations to all of the authors, as well as to the editorial team!

The full issue is available here.

36 weeks 2 days ago
Harvard University

Sylvaine Guyot has recently published two pieces that will be of interest to our group. The first -- "Opacity of Theater: Reading Racine with and against Louis Marin" -- has just appeared in the current issue of the Modern Language Quarterly (June 2016, 77.2). An abstract and a link to the article are available here.

The second -- "Discours de l'ennui et visions interstitielles au Grand Siècle: La Palatine à la Cour" -- was published in XVIIe Siècle (2016, vol 2). The abstract and full article are accessible here. Congratutions to Sylvaine for the publications!



36 weeks 2 days ago
University of Georgia

Many congratuluations to our SE-17 founder, Francis Assaf, on his recent retirement from the University of Georgia! 

44 weeks 5 days ago
Michigan State University

Félicitations à Valentina Denzel pour la parution de son nouveau livre,

Les Mille et Un Visages de la virago - Marphise et Bradamente, entre continuation et variation,

qui vient de paraître chez Classiques Garnier. 

Dans son épopée Roland furieux, Ludovico Ariosto met en valeur l'ambivalence de guerrières, Marphise et Bradamante, oscillant entre prouesse et défaite, féminité et virilité. Leur caractère multiforme favorise leur adaptation à d'autres genres littéraires, à part l'épopée, comme la tragédie ou le roman.

La table des matières est disponible ici . 

45 weeks 4 days ago
Hope College

Congratulations are in order to Anne Larsen, whose book 

Anna Maria Van Schurman, 'The Star of Utrecht': The Educational Vision and Reception of a Savante

has just been published in Routledge's series on Women and Gender in the Early Modern World.

A description and chapter headings are copied below:

Dutch Golden Age scholar Anna Maria van Schurman was widely regarded throughout the seventeenth century as the most learned woman of her age. She was 'The Star of Utrecht','The Dutch Minerva','The Tenth Muse', 'a miracle of her sex', 'the incomparable Virgin', and 'the oracle of Utrecht'. As the first woman ever to attend a university, she was also the first to advocate, boldly, that women should be admitted into universities. A brilliant linguist, she mastered some fifteen languages. She was the first Dutch woman to seek publication of her correspondence. Her letters in several languages Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and French - to the intellectual men and women of her time reveal the breadth of her interests in theology, philosophy, medicine, literature, numismatics, painting, sculpture, embroidery, and instrumental music. This study addresses Van Schurman's transformative contribution to the seventeenth-century debate on women's education. It analyses, first, her educational philosophy; and, second, the transnational reception of her writings on women's education, particularly in France. Anne Larsen explores how, in advocating advanced learning for women, Van Schurman challenged the educational establishment of her day to allow women to study all the arts and the sciences. Her letters offer fascinating insights into the challenges that scholarly women faced in the early modern period when they sought to define themselves as intellectuals, writers, and thoughtful contributors to the social good.


Chapter Headings – Introduction: The Savante in Historical Context; 1. A Star is Born: The Education and Fame of a Savante; 2. The Savante, the Theologian, and the Philosopher; 3. Defending the Savante; 4. Translating the Savante; 5. Publishing the Savante; 6. Reception in France; 7. Reception in England; Epilogue; Appendix 1: Translated Latin Documents; Appendix 2: Eulogy of Anna Maria van Schurman by Isaac Bullart, 1682; Bibliography; Index. 343 pp.


45 weeks 4 days ago