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Last Name / Nomsort icon First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Université Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Steinberger Deborah Languages, Literatures and Cultures Univ of Delaware USA

17th c. French theater, Early Modern women writers, Mercure Galant

Tamas Jennifer french Rutgers University USA

Racine - Louis XIV - Le théâtre rhétorique amoureuse, conversion religieuse, discours politiques et tout ce qui a trait au pouvoir des mots et à l'indicible.

Taormina Michael Romance Languages Hunter College, CUNY USA

Baroque poetry, history of eloquence, rhetorical ethos

Taylor Helena Modern Languages (French) Univeristy of Exeter UK
Test Se17 USA
Tester Chester
Theobald Catherine Romance Studies Brandeis University USA

Portrait littéraire au 17e et au 18e, portrait visuel, estampes, formes brèves, roman historique, nouvelle, roman psychologique, philosophie du langage, graffiti comme monument

Theobald Anne French Hillsdale College USA

Sorel, comic novel, pedagogy

Thomas Downing French & Italian University of Iowa USA

theater, opera, aesthetics

Thomas Leanna History Seminole State College USA
Thomas Louise Music Chapman University USA

Performance and recordings of collaborative piano/chamber music

Tobin Ronald French and Italian University of California USA

Stage and Off-Stage in Racine Gastronomy in literature

Toczyski Suzanne Modern Languages & Literatures Sonoma State University USA

theater; women's writing; colonial writing

Toublet Cécile France

histoires comiques, corps au XVIIe siècle.


Esthétique du théâtre baroque européen Réception française de Shakespeare depuis le Romantisme Mise en scène des classiques

Trinquet Charlotte Modern Languages and Literatures University of Central Florida USA

- Contes des fées : Sociohistorical approaches to early modern European fairy tales, and the creation of a genre - Voltaire - Colonial North American & Caribbean Francophone folk narratives & literatures, in their relationship with early modern France - Histoire et histoires: the early modern historical novel challenging historiography - Fairies and the like: The history of supernatural beings in French and European collective knowledge

Trofimova Violetta Russia
True Micah Romance Studies Duke University USA
Tucker Holly French Vanderbilt USA

History of Medicine

Turcat Eric Foreign Languages Oklahoma State University USA

aphorisms and comedy stylistics of ambivalence temporality and desire

Turner Sophie French Oxford USA

My research interests include seventeenth-century libertinage, reception of literary and philosophical texts, political theory and intellectual history, and methodological approaches in the history of ideas.

Turnovsky Geoffrey French and Italian Studies University of Washington USA
Tuttle Leslie Department of History University of Kansas United States

French History, esp. 17th-18th century; dreams and visionary experience in history; superstition, witchcraft and science, Jesuit missions; New France. Women, gender and sexuality.

University of Cincinnati Langsam Library electronic serials US
Vaillancourt Daniel French Studies Dept University of Western Ontario Canada

Urbanités parisiennes ; Police et Littérature; Entrées solennelles

Vaillant Sylvie
Van Dyke Esther Romance Languages and Literatures University of Chicago United States

The Sublime in XVII century literature: Aesthetics of the sublime; Freedom of expression in the sublime

Verdier Gabrielle French, Italian, and Comparative Literature University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee USA

Women Writers of Ancien Régime Prose Fiction 17-18th cent Women playwrights, 18th cent Women historians and memorialists

Vijayan Devika

17th century French travel literature

Visentin Hélène French Studies Smith College USA

Theatre history and aesthetics; courtly and public spectacles

Vos-Camy Jolene Department of French Calvin College USA
Wagner David Department of French and Italian Indiana University--Bloomington United States

Fear in seventeenth century French literature and culture.

Wallis Andrew Modern Languages Whittier College USA

Roman du 17eme, Scarron, Sorel, Mlle de Scudéry, espace dans le roman

Waterson Karolyn French Dalhousie University Canada

Seventeenth Century French theatre and moralistes; writing around censorship, Molière

Weiner Daniel Mathematics and Statistics Boston University USA

French religious and political history in the 17th century

Weinshenker Anne Betty Art and Design Montclair State University USA

17th and 18th-century French painting and sculpture; status of the artist

Weiss Gillian History Case Western Reserve University USA

France and Mediterranean slavery; early modern relations with North Africa

Welch Ellen Romance Languages and Literatures University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA

Foreignness in 17th-century French literature, intersections between fiction and travel literature, translation/adaptation, theories of performance

Wellman Sara Modern Languages University of Mississippi United States

17th century pastoral literature

Wikström Toby
Wile Aaron History of Art and Architecture Harvard University United States

17th and 18th-century French painting and theory; spectatorship; the classical sublime; Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns; galanterie.

Wilkin Rebecca Languages & Literatures Pacific Lutheran University USA

Descartes, cartesianisme Histoire des idees (16e et 17e) Mysticisme

Williard Ashley Languages, Literatures, and Cultures University of South Carolina United States
Willis Jakob Romanisches Seminar Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Germany

Théâtre baroque et classique Roman moderne (Flaubert) Cinéma d'auteur européen (Antonioni) Cinéma muet (Gance)

Wine Kathleen Department of French and Italian Dartmouth College USA

genre: novel/romance, epic, pastoral print and oral culture, history of the book

WISE ANAIS French and Italian The Ohio State University USA

Irony in 17th century literature and in French Cinema

Wolfe Kathryn School of Humanities and Social Sciences Penn State Erie, The Behrend College USA
Wolfe Phillip Modern and Classical Languages Allegheny College USA

Correspondances, La République des Lettres, memoires, Tallemant des Réaux

Wood Allen School of Languages and Cultures Purdue University USA
Woshinsky Barbara University of Miami USA

literature, philosophy, art and literature