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Last Name / Nom First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Université Country / Payssort icon Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Adrien Max Foreign Languages Wittenberg University USA

Classical Theatre, La Fontaine, Courtly Love Literature and Francophone Caribbean Literature

Bastin Kathryn Department of French and Italian Indiana University USA

Animality; Maternity and birth in Old Regime France

Posner David Modern Languages and Literatures Loyola University Chicago USA

European literature of the Renaissance and 17th century, especially French

Campbell Mary Baine English (affiliate in Comparative Literature; Women's and Gender Studies) Brandeis University USA

I have published widely on medieval and early modern travel writing and sciences (geography, cosmography, teratology, zoology, astronomy and anthropology), especially in relation to the emergence of prose fiction and the novel, as well as in the general areas of utopian studies and the Atlantic world. My research and publications in the last decade have had primarily although not exclusively to do with the early modern history of dreams and dream theories in the North Atlantic rim (Western Europe, New France and New England).

Ganim Russell Division of World Languages University of Iowa USA

baroque poetry, theater, literature

Bayerl Corinne Romance Languages; German and Scandinavian University of Oregon USA

Seventeenth-Century Religious Thought and Philosophy; Les Moralistes; History of Education in Early Modern Europe.

Kasten Kathleen French University of Pennsylvania USA

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature, fairytales, material culture, history of the book, health in wellness/concepts of the body and maternity, connections between 17th-century and medieval literature

Gard Andrew ROMS (Romance Studies) UNC Chapel Hill USA
Guenoun Solange Literatures, Cultures, Languages Univ of Connecticut USA

Literature and Democracy Aesthetics and Politics Jacques Ranciere Writing the Holocaust

Martin Meredith Art Department Wellesley College USA

18th-19th Century European Art

Turnovsky Geoffrey French and Italian Studies University of Washington USA
Calefas-Strebelle Audrey French and francophone studies Mills College USA
Loewy Amanda Boston College USA
Pichichero Christy Department of Modern and Classical Languages George Mason University USA
McMullan Megan French University of California Davis USA

17th century French literature

Weiss Gillian History Case Western Reserve University USA

France and Mediterranean slavery; early modern relations with North Africa

Masse Florent French and Italian Princeton University USA

French theater, language learning and theater practice

Ibbett Katherine University College London USA
stanton domna FRENCH Graduate Center, CUNY USA

17th-century french literary and cultural studies; early modern women, gender and sexuality studies; nation building; human rights

Ganne-Schiermeier Marie-Cécile French Wellesley College USA

anonymat, stratégies narratives, paratexte, histoire de la gastronomie au 16-17ème siècle, littérature franco-chinoise

Eichelburg Jessica Romance Studies / Foreign Languages and Literatures Boston University / MIT USA

French culture, tragedy

Larsen Anne Modern and Classical Languages Hope College USA

French Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Women Writers; Epistolary novel; letters; Literary Theory; Translation

Rosensweig Anna French and Italian University of Southern California USA

early modern theater and theatricality, theories of sovereignty and resistance, practices of self-fashioning, structures of belonging, political approaches to literature

Theobald Anne French Hillsdale College USA

Sorel, comic novel, pedagogy

Ledford Julian French & Francophone Studies Bucknell University USA

Écrivaines of the early modern period

Macy T USA
Krewson Gray USA
Hsiung Rebecca USA
Kostroun Daniella History Department IUPUI USA

Absolutism, Jansenism, Women, religious polemic, Atlantic World, Family history.

Bridge Rezvani Leanna Foreign Languages & Literatures MIT USA

17th century French literature, Madame de Lafayette, 16th century literature, Women Writers, French Language and Culture, Marguerite de Roberval

Coons James History University of Wisconsin-Whitewater USA

French absolutism, political culture, noble identity/masculinity, the Fronde, the Grand Condé

Delehanty Ann French Reed College USA

Early modern France and Spain, especially prose and theater

Macy Philip Bowdoin USA
Hernandez Maria French Rutgers University USA
Kozhanova Tatiana Department of Foreign Languages Kennesaw State University USA

• Renaissance French and Comparative Literature • Pastoral Novel and Drama • Satirical Novel, Scandalous Chronicles and Memoirs in 17th century French literature • 19th century French Historical Novel

Albert-Galtier Alexandre Romance Languages Dept. University of Oregon USA

XVIIth century French Literature, Theater, Art and Literature

Course Didier Foreign Languages and Literatures Hood College USA
Tobin Ronald French and Italian University of California USA

Stage and Off-Stage in Racine Gastronomy in literature

Thomas Leanna History Seminole State College USA
Debaisieux Martine French and Italian University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
Menu Grégoire RLL Harvard University USA

Période Louis XIII Littérature religieuse et politique Histoire des genres (en particulier traités de dévotion, épopée et tragédie) Histoire de la représentation théâtrale Actions de la littérature

Turcat Eric Foreign Languages Oklahoma State University USA

aphorisms and comedy stylistics of ambivalence temporality and desire

Le Menthéour Rudy French Bryn Mawr College USA

History of Medicine

Faris Allison French Graduate Center, City University of New York USA

Gender, masculinity, sexuality, pleasure/desire, women writers, non-canonical genres and texts.

Priestaf Starra Classical & Modern Langs & Lits Texas Tech University USA
burkhard kelly Foreign Languages Long Beach CC usa
McConnell Kelly French University of Virginia USA

French Literature - women writers, novels, philosophy, admiration, auto-fiction French Film - adaptation

Row Jennifer Romance Studies Boston University USA
Wood Allen School of Languages and Cultures Purdue University USA