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Last Name / Nomsort icon First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Université Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Oiry Goulven Lettres Université Paris 7 / Université de Savoie France

Littérature française des XVIe et XVIIe siècles Genres comiques Théâtre Ville

Otton Andrew USA
Owens Pam Library Serials Department/Technical SVCS/Acquisitions Indiana University USA
Paige Nicholas French Studies Univ. California, Berkeley USA

seventeenth and eighteenth-century French literature and culture; theories of the novel; generic evolution; quantitative approaches to the study of literature; aesthetics and image theory

Paine Skye Modern Languages and Cultures SUNY The College at Brockport USA
Palacios Joy Department of French Simon Fraser University Canada

Late medieval and early modern religion, cultural history, and literature. Themes include tension between church and theater, Counter-Reformation liturgy and preaching, priestly formation, court culture, spiritual writing (lives of reformers, letters of spiritual direction, etc.), performance theory, and archival methods.

Pécharman Martine CNRS France

Metaphysics, moral philosophy, philosophy of language (Hobbes, Pascal, Port-Royal, Cambridge Platonists, Condillac)

Pellegrin Marie-Frédérique Faculté de philosophie Université Jean Moulin-Lyon 3 France

Le cartésianisme et ses différentes postérités, notamment féministes.

Les théories de l'imagination à l'âge classique.

Peng Zhaochang
Perlmutter Jennifer World Languages and Literatures Portland State University USA

fictional Jews and their relationship to knowledge, power and France's national identity; questions of historical narrative and of literacy and orality as they relate to the 'ana' genre and the novellas of Le Mercure galant

Perrier-Chartrand Julien Etudes littéraires UQAM / Paris-Sorbonne Canada

Théâtre XVIIe siècle, duel, violence, poétique, stylistique

Peters Jeffrey Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures/Division of French and Italian U. of Kentucky USA
Peureux Guillaume Lettres modernes Paris 10 - Nanterre France

French poetry; French prosody. XVIIth Century French Literature. Libertinism.

Pichichero Christy Department of Modern and Classical Languages George Mason University USA
Piéjus Anne
PLAZENET Laurence C. Institut de littérature française et comparée Université de Paris-Sorbonne PARIS

Littératures antiques à l'âge classique; le roman grec ancien; Jacques Amyot; la fiction narrative (1550-1700); la pastorale; les moralistes; Port-Royal; la réception de la littérature de l'âge classique aux XVIIIe-XXIe siècles; la fiction narrative au XXIe siècle; littérature et religion.

Pocquet Tiphaine

-tragédie des années 1630-1650 -question mémorielle

Polidori Zechlinski Beatriz Histoire Universidade Federal do Paraná Brésil

Littérature et genre dans l'Histoire Moderne Histoire de la culture écrite dans la société moderne

Ponta Lauren French and Italian Emory University United States

Feminine subjectivity, chance and risk-taking, expressions of the body, affect, psychoanalysis

Posner David Modern Languages and Literatures Loyola University Chicago USA

European literature of the Renaissance and 17th century, especially French

Powell John La Musique University of Tulsa United States

17th-century music

Prest Julia French Yale USA

Seventeenth-century literature and culture, especially theatre.

Preston VK Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas McGill Canada
Priestaf Starra Classical & Modern Langs & Lits Texas Tech University USA
Probes Christine WLE USF United States
Pruiksma Rose Independent Scholar US
Racevskis Roland French and Italian University of Iowa USA

17th-century French literature and culture Ecological literature and ecocriticism

Ravel Jeff History MIT USA

cultural and intellectual history; history of the book; theater history

raynard sophie Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures The State University of New York at Stony Brook USA

17th and early 18th French Literature sub-specializtion in that period: Women's Literature Fairy Tales Preciosity

Read Kirk Romance Languages and Literatures Bates College USA

Early Modern Writers Sex and Gender

Reddan Bronwyn History University of Melbourne Australia

Early modern contes des fées, material culture, gender and identity, emotions

REGENT-SUSINI Anne UFR Littérature Linguistique Didactique Université Sorbonne nouvelle-Paris 3 FRANCe

Religious and political texts, drama, oral speeches, writing of history, pulpit eloquence

Reguig-Naya Delphine Littérature française et comparée Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV) France

Littérature française du XVIIe siècle Pensée et sentiment littéraire de la langue Augustinismes au XVIIe siècle Historiographie du classicisme français

Reyes Hector Art History University of Southern California USA

French Academic Painting

Richmond Lisa Wheaton College USA

Religion, spirituality, theology, Port-Royal, Pierre de Bérulle

Riggs Larry Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Butler University USA

Molière, 17th-century drama, modernity

Ritchie Michael French Department New York University USA
Roberts Hugh French, Modern Languages, Humanities University of Exeter UK

Sixteenth and early seventeenth-century French literature and thought, including obscenity, Bruscambille, nonsense writing, the 'recueils satyriques' and the reception of ancient Cynicism.

Robin Jean Luc Department of Modern Languages and Classics The University of Alabama USA
Rolland Tiphaine C.E.L.L.F 16e-18e Paris-Sorbonne France

Littérature facétieuse (XVe-XVIIe siècle, Europe) Tradition de la fable (XVe-XVIIe siècle, Europe) Croisements génériques et théorie des genres littéraires "Contes et nouvelles" en vers de La Fontaine "Fables" de La Fontaine, envisagées dans leur rapport avec la tradition du récit plaisant.

Romanowski Sylvie French and Italian Northwestern University USA

17th, 18th century literature, thought, and history of science; 20th century French feminism

ronzeaud pierre
Rosas Luisa French Cornell University United States

16th and 17th century French and Spanish Theater. Récits sanglants et théâtre de la cruauté.

Rosellini Michele Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon

Lecture et lecteurs en France à l'âge classique. Les auteurs français dit "libertins" au XVIIe siècle.

rosenfeld pierre-louis
Rosensweig Anna French and Italian University of Southern California USA

early modern theater and theatricality, theories of sovereignty and resistance, practices of self-fashioning, structures of belonging, political approaches to literature

Rottman Eric
Roule Natasha
rousseau christine Université de Nantes france
Row Jennifer Romance Studies Boston University USA