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Last Name / Nom First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Universitésort icon Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Smith Sarah Jane N/A N/A USA

Madame Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717) and related subjects

Conroy Jane French National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland

French historical tragedy (17th cent.); travel literature (17th-18th cent.); Early Modern cultural transmission and intercultures

Goldwyn Henriette French New York University USA

Seventeenth-century literature: -narrative texts, opposition journalism, political and religious polemical texts. -Feminism and early modern women writers. -Memoirs and travel literature.

Bolduc Benoît French New York University United States of America

History and historiography of European festivals: court spectacle (dramatic interludes, opera, tragédie lyrique), theatre and ceremonies; staging techniques (16th-17th c.).

Ritchie Michael French Department New York University USA
Birberick Anne Office of the Provost Northern Illinois Univ. USA

Fairy Tales; Fables; La Fontaine; 17th-century French pedagogy

Romanowski Sylvie French and Italian Northwestern University USA

17th, 18th century literature, thought, and history of science; 20th century French feminism

Senior Matt Dept. of French & Italian Oberlin College 44074

Representations of nature Religious history History of the body and medicine

Finn Thomas Modern Languages Ohio Northern University USA

Relations between French and Spanish 17th Century drama

Gethner Perry Foreign Languages Oklahoma State University U.S.A.
Turcat Eric Foreign Languages Oklahoma State University USA

aphorisms and comedy stylistics of ambivalence temporality and desire

Turner Sophie French Oxford USA

My research interests include seventeenth-century libertinage, reception of literary and philosophical texts, political theory and intellectual history, and methodological approaches in the history of ideas.

Wilkin Rebecca Languages & Literatures Pacific Lutheran University USA

Descartes, cartesianisme Histoire des idees (16e et 17e) Mysticisme

Peureux Guillaume Lettres modernes Paris 10 - Nanterre France

French poetry; French prosody. XVIIth Century French Literature. Libertinism.

Alonge Tristan CELLF Paris 4 Sorbonne France

Greek Tragedy Racine Corneille Rotrou Religion Port-Royal Amyot

Lavocat Francoise Lettres arts cinéma Paris 7 Denis Diderot France

Theory of fiction. Possible worlds.

Pastoral romance. Dance and literature. Catastrophes. Mythology in XVIIth centuries (Pan and satyrs). Demonology. paradoxes. games.

Honoré d'Urfé. Jean-Pierre Camus. Lucrezia Marinella.

Bourin Sylvine littératures françaises Paris IV France
Reguig-Naya Delphine Littérature française et comparée Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV) France

Littérature française du XVIIe siècle Pensée et sentiment littéraire de la langue Augustinismes au XVIIe siècle Historiographie du classicisme français

Rolland Tiphaine C.E.L.L.F 16e-18e Paris-Sorbonne France

Littérature facétieuse (XVe-XVIIe siècle, Europe) Tradition de la fable (XVe-XVIIe siècle, Europe) Croisements génériques et théorie des genres littéraires "Contes et nouvelles" en vers de La Fontaine "Fables" de La Fontaine, envisagées dans leur rapport avec la tradition du récit plaisant.

Wolfe Kathryn School of Humanities and Social Sciences Penn State Erie, The Behrend College USA
Simeon Sandrine French and Francophone Studies Pennsylvania State University USA

My research at the Pennsylvania State University focuses on the various practices of filming theater and the teaching methods of theater through film. My interests also include creative writing as well as the interactions between French cinema and culture, cinema and history.

Perlmutter Jennifer World Languages and Literatures Portland State University USA

fictional Jews and their relationship to knowledge, power and France's national identity; questions of historical narrative and of literacy and orality as they relate to the 'ana' genre and the novellas of Le Mercure galant

Beytelmann Sarah FIT Princeton United States

Polemics and insults in 17th century France, sovereignty and speech acts, notions of perversion.

Fisher Heidi Serials Division Princeton Univeristy USA
Schröder Volker French and Italian Princeton University USA
Masse Florent French and Italian Princeton University USA

French theater, language learning and theater practice

Cordova Chad French and Italian Princeton University France
Martin Eva French Princeton/University of Mary Washington United States

Rhétorique-esthétique-optique (discours/image) 1550-1800 Théâtre, peinture, sciences physiques Port-Royal et les moralistes Femmes écrivains

Wood Allen School of Languages and Cultures Purdue University USA
Lee Michael School of Creative Arts Queen's University Belfast Ireland

early opera studies; adaptation

Fiore Francesca French Studies Queen's University Canada
Blom Helwi Romance Languages Radboud University The Netherlands
Delehanty Ann French Reed College USA

Early modern France and Spain, especially prose and theater

Balak Benjamin Economics Rollins College United States
Harris Joseph French Royal Holloway, University of London UK

French literature between the Renaissance and the Revolution, espeically drama and drama theory; gender, sexuality and queer theory

Tamas Jennifer french Rutgers University USA

Racine - Louis XIV - Le théâtre rhétorique amoureuse, conversion religieuse, discours politiques et tout ce qui a trait au pouvoir des mots et à l'indicible.

Hernandez Maria French Rutgers University USA
Arnaud Vanessa Foreign Languages Sacramento State University, California USA

Early Modern Literature, History, Culture

Curulla Annelle Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Sarah Lawrence College USA
Thomas Leanna History Seminole State College USA
Visentin Hélène French Studies Smith College USA

Theatre history and aesthetics; courtly and public spectacles

Toczyski Suzanne Modern Languages & Literatures Sonoma State University USA

theater; women's writing; colonial writing

Laurin Cécilia Études Théâtrales Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III France
Court Marc Sorbonne, Hautes Etudes France

Representation of Power in Tragedies, from Mysteries to Classicism, and neo-classicism

Mathieu Francis French Studies Southwestern University USA

the novel, rhetoric, narratology, Racine

Library Taylor Institution St. Giles Oxford England
Paine Skye Modern Languages and Cultures SUNY The College at Brockport USA
Blanchard Jean-Vincent Modern Languages and Literatures Swarthmore College USA

Littérature et architecture; représentation du pouvoir souverain

Priestaf Starra Classical & Modern Langs & Lits Texas Tech University USA
Brazeau Brian Comparative Literature and English The American University of Paris France

Travel writing, New France, collective identity, cultural contact