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Last Name / Nomsort icon First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Université Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Goldsmith Elizabeth Romance Studies Boston University USA

Memoirs, letters, travel narratives

Goldstein Claire French & Italian University of California, Davis USA

Visual culture; materiality; natural philosophy

Goldwyn Henriette French New York University USA

Seventeenth-century literature: -narrative texts, opposition journalism, political and religious polemical texts. -Feminism and early modern women writers. -Memoirs and travel literature.

Goodkin Richard French and Italian University of Wisconsin-Madison USA

Theater; relations between theater and narrative; theories of personality; sibling relations in literature

Greenberg Mitchell Romance Studies Cornell University USA
GREGOIRE Vincent Department of Foreign Languages Berry College USA

17th Century Theater, New France, Missionaries, Colonization

Grele Denis D. Foreign Languages and Literatures University of Memphis USA
Gue Loudmie Philosophie Universite Paris 8 France

Philosophie: metqphysique, phenomenologie, theorie de la connaissance, imaginaire, imagination.

Guenoun Solange Literatures, Cultures, Languages Univ of Connecticut USA

Literature and Democracy Aesthetics and Politics Jacques Ranciere Writing the Holocaust

Guyot Sylvaine Romance Languages and Literatures Harvard University US

Early Modern Theater; Classical Tragedy; Racine; History of the Performance Arts; Visual Culture; Intersection of Drama and Painting; Representations and Social Uses of the Body.

Haddad Jonathan
Hargrave Katharine French and Francophone Studies The Pennsylvania State University France
Harris Joseph French Royal Holloway, University of London UK

French literature between the Renaissance and the Revolution, espeically drama and drama theory; gender, sexuality and queer theory

Harrison David French and Italian Grinnell College USA

Saint-Simon; Moliere; seventeenth-century conversation

Harrison Helen L. World Languages Morgan State University USA

seventeenth-century theater, money and literature, literature and theories of monarchy

Harvey Sara French Victoria University Canada

Histoire de la critique littéraire et théâtrale Presse périodique (XVIIe-XVIIIe) Histoire de la piraterie : figurations et politique du pirate aux cyberhackers Polygraphies Divertissement et performativité : jeux, galanterie, théâtre Genèse de la culture moderne Histoire du livre et bibliographie matérielle Humanités numériques - méthodologies et pratiques de l'archive

Hawcroft Michael Keble College, University of Oxford United Kingdom

Seventeenth-Century Theatre. Molière. Racine. Rhetoric. Printed Form of Drama. Punctuation.

Hebbinckuys Nicolas Études françaises Université de Moncton Canada

Édition critique - littérature de voyage en Nouvelle-France

Helgoth Linda Serials Acquisitions Univeristy of Colorado USA
Hernandez Maria French Rutgers University USA
Hilberer Thomas Philosophische Fakultät / Romanisches Seminar Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen Germany

Mallarmé Victor Hugo La Fontaine

Hodgson Richard French, Hispanic and Italian Studies The University of British Columbia Canada

Seventeenth-century French narrative fiction; moralistes; moral philosophy in Britain and France

Hoefer Bernadette US
Hoffmann Kathryn
Hogg Chloé French and Italian University of Pittsburgh USA

Louis XIV's wars; political culture; journalism

Holtz Grégoire Etudes françaises Toronto Canada

Littérature de la Renaissance; littérature de voyages (XVIe et XVIIe siècle); Histoire du livre; libertinage.

Horsley Adam
Hsiung Rebecca USA
Hubert Judd French & Italian University of California, Irvine USA

French seventeenth-century theater; symbolist potry; Shakespeare; artists' books.

Ibbett Katherine French University College London UK

Emotions, the novel, religious writing.

Ibbett Katherine University College London USA
Itti Eliane PLH-ELH Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail FRANCE

Le rayonnement humaniste de l'Académie protestante de Saumur (1599-1685).

Madame Dacier : - biographie publiée aux éd. L'Harmattan, 2012. - site "Madame Dacier", GRAC, Université de Lyon, 2013.

Jensen Katharine French Studies Louisiana State University USA

mother-daughter relations; epistolary writing; 17th-18th-c. literature; women's writing.

Jones Christine Languages and Literature University of Utah USA

Fairy Tales Material Culture Trades Dance history Chocolate

Joo Kyung Mee Modern Language Department University of Central Florida United States

French Theatre and Korean Theatre

Kamin Jessica French and Italian University of Washington USA

Theater, 17th century religious critics of theater, publication history, innovative approaches to bringing plays into the classroom

Kasten Kathleen French University of Pennsylvania USA

Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature, fairytales, material culture, history of the book, health in wellness/concepts of the body and maternity, connections between 17th-century and medieval literature

Kennedy Theresa Modern Languages and Cultures Baylor University USA

French Early Modern women writers and playwrights, 17th century theater, gender stereotyping, representation of female characters, opera.

Kerautret Flavie
khadraoui sophia French and Francophone Studies The Pennsylvanie State University USA

My research interests include identity and race issues in Caribbean literature as well as in 17th and 19th Century litterature.

King Kaitlin USA/E-U

Culture and religion. Missionary writings of the seventeenth century. Alterity particularly expressed in terms of religion and/or ritual. Francophone literature of the nineteenth century. The “je” in the travel narrative.

Kirk Heather French Studies University of Western Ontario Canada
Klosowska anna French and Italian Miami U US

Queer studies, race studies, poco, ooo.

Kostroun Daniella History Department IUPUI USA

Absolutism, Jansenism, Women, religious polemic, Atlantic World, Family history.

Koul Radhika
Kozhanova Tatiana Department of Foreign Languages Kennesaw State University USA

• Renaissance French and Comparative Literature • Pastoral Novel and Drama • Satirical Novel, Scandalous Chronicles and Memoirs in 17th century French literature • 19th century French Historical Novel

Krewson Gray USA
Kruer Megan Literatures and Cultural Studies University of Texas Rio Grande Valley USA

17th c. theater, poetry, and prose; deconstruction; feminist and queer theory; and psychoanalysis

Kudish Adele English Borough of Manhattan Community College United States

16th, 17th and 18th Century French and English prose, Comparative Literature, development of the European Novel

Kuizenga Donna Provost's Office University of Massachusetts Boston USA