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Last Name / Nom First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Universitésort icon Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
Spagnolo Sadr Tabitha Duke University USA

French 17th C. theatre, gender, transvestism, identity

True Micah Romance Studies Duke University USA
Longino Michèle Romance Studies Duke University USA

Current: 17th-c. Fables & Fairy Tales (La Fontaine & Perrault)

Screpanti Filippo Romance Studies Duke University USA
Newell-Amato Domenica Foreign Languages Eastern Illinois University USA

17th Century, Postcolonial Criticism, Theatre, Racine

Hilberer Thomas Philosophische Fakultät / Romanisches Seminar Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen Germany

Mallarmé Victor Hugo La Fontaine

Rosellini Michele Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon

Lecture et lecteurs en France à l'âge classique. Les auteurs français dit "libertins" au XVIIe siècle.

Fleck Steve emeritus - CSU Long Beach US

Molière, comic theory and practice, musical theater.

Barnett Jenny Davis French Emory USA

Word and Image, Painting, theatre, poetry, Identity

Coropceanu Lilia Department of French & Italian Emory University USA

Conceptions and techniques of self-constitution in French novelistic narrative (seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth century literature).

Ponta Lauren French and Italian Emory University United States

Feminine subjectivity, chance and risk-taking, expressions of the body, affect, psychoanalysis

Buck Sarah ES Department of Art History Florida State University USA

17c printmaking and printmakers

Pichichero Christy Department of Modern and Classical Languages George Mason University USA
Cassidy Virginie M Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures Georgetown College USA
Spielman Guy French Georgetown University USA
stanton domna FRENCH Graduate Center, CUNY USA

17th-century french literary and cultural studies; early modern women, gender and sexuality studies; nation building; human rights

Harrison David French and Italian Grinnell College USA

Saint-Simon; Moliere; seventeenth-century conversation

Guyot Sylvaine Romance Languages and Literatures Harvard University US

Early Modern Theater; Classical Tragedy; Racine; History of the Performance Arts; Visual Culture; Intersection of Drama and Painting; Representations and Social Uses of the Body.

Wile Aaron History of Art and Architecture Harvard University United States

17th and 18th-century French painting and theory; spectatorship; the classical sublime; Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns; galanterie.

Menu Grégoire RLL Harvard University USA

Période Louis XIII Littérature religieuse et politique Histoire des genres (en particulier traités de dévotion, épopée et tragédie) Histoire de la représentation théâtrale Actions de la littérature

Al-Faradzh Elizaveta Foreign Languages Higher School of Economics Russia

Seventeenth century France, Port-Royal, life writing, literary theory, literary augustinisme, aesthetics, Pierre Nicole, Antoine Arnauld

Theobald Anne French Hillsdale College USA

Sorel, comic novel, pedagogy

Course Didier Foreign Languages and Literatures Hood College USA
Larsen Anne Modern and Classical Languages Hope College USA

French Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century Women Writers; Epistolary novel; letters; Literary Theory; Translation

Taormina Michael Romance Languages Hunter College, CUNY USA

Baroque poetry, history of eloquence, rhetorical ethos

Owens Pam Library Serials Department/Technical SVCS/Acquisitions Indiana University USA
Bastin Kathryn Department of French and Italian Indiana University USA

Animality; Maternity and birth in Old Regime France

Bjornstad Hall Department of French and Italian Indiana University, Bloomington US
Wagner David Department of French and Italian Indiana University--Bloomington United States

Fear in seventeenth century French literature and culture.

adamczak audrey Département d'Histoire de l'art Institut catholique de Paris France

Versailles on Paper - Engraving Sculpture - Robert Nanteuil portrait painter and engraver - Old Master French Prints&Drawings - Pastel Painting - Portrait Print and Book illustration - American Old Master French Prints Collections

Kostroun Daniella History Department IUPUI USA

Absolutism, Jansenism, Women, religious polemic, Atlantic World, Family history.

Cro Melinda Dept. of Modern Languages Kansas State University USA

Pastoral literature, theater, histoire comique

Hawcroft Michael Keble College, University of Oxford United Kingdom

Seventeenth-Century Theatre. Molière. Racine. Rhetoric. Printed Form of Drama. Punctuation.

Kozhanova Tatiana Department of Foreign Languages Kennesaw State University USA

• Renaissance French and Comparative Literature • Pastoral Novel and Drama • Satirical Novel, Scandalous Chronicles and Memoirs in 17th century French literature • 19th century French Historical Novel

Davis Bruce French Knox College USA

Pierre Nicole, Pascal

Lalande Roxanne Foreign Languages and Literatures Lafayette College USA

Madame de Villedieu Epistolary Novel Comic Theater/Moliere

Zieba Edward Library Technical Services Library Technical Services United States

Medieval European studies

burkhard kelly Foreign Languages Long Beach CC usa
Jensen Katharine French Studies Louisiana State University USA

mother-daughter relations; epistolary writing; 17th-18th-c. literature; women's writing.

Posner David Modern Languages and Literatures Loyola University Chicago USA

European literature of the Renaissance and 17th century, especially French

Feat Anne-Marine Modern Languages and Literatures Luther College Etats Unis

Early Modern Women Writers; Feminist Theory; Intersections between literature and music (especially opera) in France and Italy

Preston VK Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas McGill Canada
Klosowska anna French and Italian Miami U US

Queer studies, race studies, poco, ooo.

Denzel Valentina Romance and Classical Studies Michigan State Univesity United States

17th and 18th century French literature, Colonialism, Gender and Queerstudies, Porn studies, Intermediality

Calefas-Strebelle Audrey French and francophone studies Mills College USA
Ravel Jeff History MIT USA

cultural and intellectual history; history of the book; theater history

Bridge Rezvani Leanna Foreign Languages & Literatures MIT USA

17th century French literature, Madame de Lafayette, 16th century literature, Women Writers, French Language and Culture, Marguerite de Roberval

Weinshenker Anne Betty Art and Design Montclair State University USA

17th and 18th-century French painting and sculpture; status of the artist

Harrison Helen L. World Languages Morgan State University USA

seventeenth-century theater, money and literature, literature and theories of monarchy

Smith Sarah Jane N/A N/A USA

Madame Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717) and related subjects