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Last Name / Nom First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Université Country / Payssort icon Research interests/Domaines de recherche
King Kaitlin USA/E-U

Culture and religion. Missionary writings of the seventeenth century. Alterity particularly expressed in terms of religion and/or ritual. Francophone literature of the nineteenth century. The “je” in the travel narrative.

Administrator SE17 System Bowdoin College USA
Shoemaker Peter Undergraduate Studies Catholic University of America USA
GREGOIRE Vincent Department of Foreign Languages Berry College USA

17th Century Theater, New France, Missionaries, Colonization

Macy Tad IT Bowdoin USA
Landry Bertrand Foreign Languages and Cultures The University of Mount Union USA

Epistolary novels - letter writers - memoirs - biographies - Madame de Sevigne

Coropceanu Lilia Department of French & Italian Emory University USA

Conceptions and techniques of self-constitution in French novelistic narrative (seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth century literature).

Albanese Ralph Foreign Languages & Literatures University of Memphis USA

Classical Theater; sociocriticism; history of French education

Assaf Francis Romance Languages University of Georgia USA

Baroque prose fiction, picaresque narration and other genres Early 18th century prose fiction and other genres Theory and practice of kingship and its implications in Classical and Post-Classical literature

Barnett Jenny Davis French Emory USA

Word and Image, Painting, theatre, poetry, Identity

Blanchard Jean-Vincent Modern Languages and Literatures Swarthmore College USA

Littérature et architecture; représentation du pouvoir souverain

Cassidy Virginie M Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures Georgetown College USA
Dennis Laura English and Modern Languages University of the Cumberlands USA

the figure of "la vieille" in Baroque satire and the early novel; French and Francophone literature by and about women and women's issues; the representation of Madame de Maintenon in modern biography, novel, and film

Finn Thomas Modern Languages Ohio Northern University USA

Relations between French and Spanish 17th Century drama

Gallo David History College of Mount Saint Vincent USA

Ceremonial at Louis XIV's Court

Ganim Russell Modern Languages University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA

literature, cultural studies, cinema

Goldsmith Elizabeth Romance Studies Boston University USA

Memoirs, letters, travel narratives

Goldwyn Henriette French New York University USA

Seventeenth-century literature: -narrative texts, opposition journalism, political and religious polemical texts. -Feminism and early modern women writers. -Memoirs and travel literature.

Goodkin Richard French and Italian University of Wisconsin-Madison USA

Theater; relations between theater and narrative; theories of personality; sibling relations in literature

Harrison David French and Italian Grinnell College USA

Saint-Simon; Moliere; seventeenth-century conversation

Jensen Katharine French Studies Louisiana State University USA

mother-daughter relations; epistolary writing; 17th-18th-c. literature; women's writing.

Lalande Roxanne Foreign Languages and Literatures Lafayette College USA

Madame de Villedieu Epistolary Novel Comic Theater/Moliere

Mathieu Francis French Studies Southwestern University USA

the novel, rhetoric, narratology, Racine

McClure Ellen University of Illinois at Chicago USA

Seventeenth-century French politics, religion and literature

Norman Buford USA

Theatre, opera Racine Quinault

Paige Nicholas French Studies Univ. California, Berkeley USA

seventeenth and eighteenth-century French literature and culture; theories of the novel; generic evolution; quantitative approaches to the study of literature; aesthetics and image theory

Perlmutter Jennifer World Languages and Literatures Portland State University USA

fictional Jews and their relationship to knowledge, power and France's national identity; questions of historical narrative and of literacy and orality as they relate to the 'ana' genre and the novellas of Le Mercure galant

Peters Jeffrey Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures/Division of French and Italian U. of Kentucky USA
Racevskis Roland French and Italian University of Iowa USA

17th-century French literature and culture Ecological literature and ecocriticism

Riggs Larry Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Butler University USA

Molière, 17th-century drama, modernity

Rudall Diane Medical Education University of Illinois at Chicago USA

17th century France in general: Louis XIV; Jean Donneau de Visé; Nicolas de la Reynie; Madame de Montespan; theatre

Seifert Lewis French Studies Brown University USA

Gender and sexuality studies; narrative; history of ideas

Spagnolo Sadr Tabitha Duke University USA

French 17th C. theatre, gender, transvestism, identity

Stedman Allison Languages and Culture Studies University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA

Seventeenth and eighteenth-century French literature

Steinberger Deborah Languages, Literatures and Cultures Univ of Delaware USA

17th c. French theater, Early Modern women writers, Mercure Galant

Taormina Michael Romance Languages Hunter College, CUNY USA

Baroque poetry, history of eloquence, rhetorical ethos

Theobald Catherine Romance Studies Brandeis University USA

Portrait littéraire au 17e et au 18e, portrait visuel, estampes, formes brèves, roman historique, nouvelle, roman psychologique, philosophie du langage, graffiti comme monument

Toczyski Suzanne Modern Languages & Literatures Sonoma State University USA

theater; women's writing; colonial writing

Trinquet Charlotte Modern Languages and Literatures University of Central Florida USA

- Contes des fées : Sociohistorical approaches to early modern European fairy tales, and the creation of a genre - Voltaire - Colonial North American & Caribbean Francophone folk narratives & literatures, in their relationship with early modern France - Histoire et histoires: the early modern historical novel challenging historiography - Fairies and the like: The history of supernatural beings in French and European collective knowledge

Vos-Camy Jolene Department of French Calvin College USA
Wallis Andrew Modern Languages Whittier College USA

Roman du 17eme, Scarron, Sorel, Mlle de Scudéry, espace dans le roman

Wilkin Rebecca Languages & Literatures Pacific Lutheran University USA

Descartes, cartesianisme Histoire des idees (16e et 17e) Mysticisme

Duggan Anne Classical & Modern Langs, Lits, and Cultures Wayne State University USA

Fairy-Tale Studies (early modern and contemporary), Early Modern Women Writers, Salon Culture, Tragic Story, Early Modern Ecofeminism

MULLET ISABELLE French and Italian Arizona State University USA

La question pluridisciplinaire du point de vue au XVIIe siècle; dans la science (optique, geometrie), philosophie (relativisme), les domaines esthetique, politique, historiographique, moral. Litteratures et philosophies relativistes.

Davis Bruce French Knox College USA

Pierre Nicole, Pascal

Goldstein Claire French & Italian University of California, Davis USA

Visual culture; materiality; natural philosophy

Gaines James Modern Foreign Languages Univ. of Mary Washington USA

theater, comedy, sociocriticism, libertinage, Moliere, La Mothe Le Vayer, Corneille, Racine, Boileau

Wolfe Kathryn School of Humanities and Social Sciences Penn State Erie, The Behrend College USA
Wolfe Phillip Modern and Classical Languages Allegheny College USA

Correspondances, La République des Lettres, memoires, Tallemant des Réaux

Thomas Downing French & Italian University of Iowa USA

theater, opera, aesthetics