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Our Membership

Last Name / Nom First Name / Prénom(s) Department / Départment College or University / Universitésort icon Country / Pays Research interests/Domaines de recherche
University of Cincinnati Langsam Library electronic serials US
Pruiksma Rose Independent Scholar US
Norman Buford USA

Theatre, opera Racine Quinault

McMahon Una Ireland
Test Se17 USA
Arnason Luke Canada

"Baroque" opera and theatre involving music. Historically-informed performance practice (theatre and music). The structure of the performance.

Wright David us
Hoefer Bernadette US
cahiers test USA
Pécharman Martine CNRS France

Metaphysics, moral philosophy, philosophy of language (Hobbes, Pascal, Port-Royal, Cambridge Platonists, Condillac)

Otton Andrew USA
Akehurst Judith Independent Scholar United States

Country-life themes in literature and art Landscape Painting

Zanger Abby USA

early modern literature and culture print culture gender studies visual culture politics and history

Conboy Ana USA

Metathéâtre et théâtre dans le théâtre Illusion et réalité dans le théâtre baroque français Jesuit influence on Baroque theater in France

Toublet Cécile France

histoires comiques, corps au XVIIe siècle.

Sherlock Roderick Canada

East-West religious experience, definitions, and comparative epistemological interpretations

Louvat-Molozay Bénédicte
Michel Lise
Cerdeira Virginie
ronzeaud pierre
Cantillon Alain
Cunnac Sandrine
Schwaeger David
Horsley Adam
Macy T USA
Scott Joyce
coraboeuf laurent
Haddad Jonathan
MacKenzie Kirsteen
Lombardero Emily
Litwin Christophe
Krewson Gray USA
Hsiung Rebecca USA
Koul Radhika
Sedley David
Tester Chester
buyer jane
Stefanovska Malina us
Carr Thomas
Rottman Eric
Bloom Rori
baron franck

Philosophie de la connaissance, Philosophie du conte chez Charles Perrault, Perrault lecteur de Machiavel.

Le Bras Yvon
Bardot Julien, Alexandre
Dye Matthew
Brock Theresa
Morinet Mathilde