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Sylvaine Guyot

Submitted by klaporta on 12 August 2016 - 9:24am
Sylvaine Guyot
Harvard University

Sylvaine Guyot has recently published two pieces that will be of interest to our group. The first -- "Opacity of Theater: Reading Racine with and against Louis Marin" -- has just appeared in the current issue of the Modern Language Quarterly (June 2016, 77.2). An abstract and a link to the article are available here.

The second -- "Discours de l'ennui et visions interstitielles au Grand Siècle: La Palatine à la Cour" -- was published in XVIIe Siècle (2016, vol 2). The abstract and full article are accessible here. Congratutions to Sylvaine for the publications!