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SE17 Travel 2016

Submitted by administrator on 1 August 2016 - 10:44am

November 10-13, 2016

Dartmouth College

Hanover Inn

 * En français en bas


Hanover, New Hampshire is located in the upper Connecticut River Valley and has views of the Green mountains of Vermont and the White mountains of New Hampshire. We are approximately 130 miles north of Boston, 70 miles south of Burlington, Vermont, and 250 miles north of New York City. Hanover is a small university town of approximately 10,000 people centered around the campus of Dartmouth College. The month of November marks the end of fall and the beginning of winter, which means that the beginning of November could bring snow showers or simply be sunny and chilly! Average temperature at night at that time of year is 40-45 and during the day low 40’s to low 50’s. I would advise you to check the weather before coming to avoid any surprises!

The conference is scheduled to begin on the morning of November 10. There will be sessions on Thursday from 10am until 5:30 pm followed by a welcome reception. On Friday workshops will begin at 7:30 and the first session will begin at 8:45 and go until 5:45. Saturday’s schedule will be roughly the same, with workshops starting again at 7:30 and the first session beginning at 8:45 am and the last ending at 6:00pm. We will end on Saturday evening with a banquet. For information on specific sessions, please see the tentative program.


1. By Car

A. From Boston: Take I-95 North to I-89 North to Hanover. Exit I-89 at exit 18. Turn right and follow to Hanover. Approximate time: 2 1/2 hours.

B. From New York City: Take I-95 North to I-91 North. Take exit 13, Hanover/Norwich. Turn right upon exiting and follow to center of town. Approximately 5 hours from NYC.

2. By Air

A. Lebanon, New Hampshire is the closest airport to Hanover. It is located 15 minutes from Hanover. However, this is a very small airport with propeller planes only. Definitely not for those who are the least bit nervous about air travel! It is also your most expensive option. Personally I never use this airport! There are a few taxis, (read that as very few) that provide service between Lebanon and Hanover.

B. Manchester, New Hampshire is located approximately 1 1/2 hours south of Hanover. This is a very useful airport serviced by a number of air carriers including Southwest. (Don’t forget that to book on Southwest you need to go directly to their website. They are not part of travel websites such as Orbitz, etc). It is a great alternative to Boston. There is bus service between Manchester airport to Hanover NH or to White River Junction, VT, which is 15 minutes from Hanover. There are also limo services such as uvrides.com. And of course you can rent a car and drive from the airport to Hanover.

C. Boston, Massachusetts is approximately 2 1/2 hours south of Hanover. Flights into Boston can be slightly less expensive than into Manchester, but rental cars are much higher. The best way to get from Logan airport is by the Dartmouth Coach www.dartmouthcoach.com. The Dartmouth coach only stops once, briefly, on the way from Boston, has wifi, and stops in front of the Hanover Inn, where the conference will take place.

3. Bus Service

There is bus service from either NYC or Boston to Hanover: Dartmouth Coach: www.dartmouthcoach.com. The Dartmouth Coach is basically non-stop from both NYC and Boston. It is very comfortable. You need reservations from NYC.

Note: When Vermont Transit buses and Dartmouth Coach buses indicate that they stop in Hanover, they stop directly in front of the Hanover Inn, the main hotel we will be using for the conference. My personal preference is to fly into Boston and take the Dartmouth coach, or take the Dartmouth Coach to and from NYC, or fly into Manchester and rent a car.


The main hotel for the conference is the Hanover Inn, located on the Dartmouth College campus. I have reserved 50 rooms for SE-17 at a special reduced rate of 185.00 per night. (Yes, that IS the reduced rate. The Inn is under new management!) This rate is valid from November 9 through November 12, but does not include the night of the 13th (Sunday). In order to secure this rate, as opposed to the normal rate of over 300.00 per night, you must reserve your room through me as soon as possible. You cannot call the Inn and book directly. You will need to pay for the room upon reserving by sending me a check, made out to Dartmouth College, for the full amount. This amount cannot be refunded should your plans change. Again, please do not call the Inn itself or you will be charged the full rate! You will not be able to pay the Inn directly when you check out. You will, however, be able to charge incidentals and parking to your personal credit card when you check in.

Please reserve by Sept 15 in order to get this negotiated rate and to make sure you get one of the 50 rooms reserved for the conference. It is possible for some people to share rooms. Should you choose that option, please indicate that, along with the name of the person with whom you will be sharing the room.

To reserve a room at the Hanover Inn, please email me at Faith.Beasley@Dartmouth.edu. Please include the following information:

1. Hanover Inn Reservation:

2. Arrival:

3. Departure:

4. Single or double?

5. Names of people occupying the room.

After you have received your confirmation from me by email, please send me a check or money order, made out to Dartmouth College, for the full amount of your stay. The address is: Prof. Faith Beasley, Department of French and Italian, HB 6087, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755.

Other lodging possibilities:


1. Six South Street. This is the only other hotel in the actual town of Hanover. It’s quite nice, but also very expensive ($240.00 per night). It is a five minute walk to the Hanover Inn. www.sixsouth.com

Lebanon, New Hampshire

This is the closest town to Hanover. There are a number of chains in Lebanon. The Advance Transit bus can be used to reach Hanover in many cases. Some hotels have a shuttle service. Some are a bit cheaper than the Hanover Inn, but not by much. 

Residence Inn by Marriott. This is a very nice hotel with efficiency kitchens 5 minutes by car to campus. It is serviced by Advance Transit, the local transportation company. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lebri-residence-inn-hanover-lebanon/ Rates: Starting at 225.00 for a suite.

Element Hotel (Westin) http://www.elementhanoverlebanon.com/ This is a new hotel, about fifteen minutes from the center of Hanover. They have a shuttle into Hanover. I’ve been told it’s quite nice. About $190.00.

Courtyard by Marriott, Hanover/Lebanon 10 Morgan Drive, Hanover. This hotel has shuttle service into Hanover. It is about 15 minutes away from downtown at most. Rooms run about 146.00$.

Norwich, Vermont

The Norwich Inn. Across the river from Hanover, in Vermont. About fifteen minutes. It is walkable if the weather is nice, although this is quite a hill to reach Hanover. 802 649-1143. Rooms start at $149.00

There are other possibilities, including bed and breakfasts, or cheaper chains in White River Junction, VT, but these do not have shuttles to Hanover. Please email me if you would like other suggestions.


Le colloque annuel de la Société d’études pluridisciplinaires du XVIIe siècle français se tiendra à Dartmouth College, à Hanover, dans l’état de New Hampshire aux Etats-Unis, du 10 au 13 novembre 2016. Hanover se trouve à 200 kms au nord de Boston, à 110 kms au sud de Burlington, Vermont, et à 400 kms de New York City. Hanover est une petite ville universitaire de 10,000 habitants. Le campus de Dartmouth College en est le centre. Le mois de novembre marque la fin de l’automne et le début de l’hiver, ce qui veut dire qu’il est possible qu’il neige ou bien qu’un beau soleil chaleureux en apparence vous déçoive, parce qu’il ne fera certainement pas chaud. La température descend la nuit jusqu’à 2-3 C et pendant la journée il fera probablement entre 5 et 10 degrès C. Afin d’éviter toute surprise, je vous conseille de consulter la météo avant de venir.

Nous commençerons à 10 heures jeudi matin. Les séances se poursuivront jusqu’à 17H30, et seront suivies d’un cocktail vers 18H30. Vendredi les « ateliers/workshops » se tiendront entre 7H30 et 8H30, et les séances reprendront à 8H45 après le petit déjeuner/buffet, qui sera disponsible à partir de 8H. Le samedi l’emploi du temps sera similaire. Les séances seront suivies par le banquet de clotûre. Veuillez consulter le programme pour tout renseignement supplémentaire.

Comment arriver à Hanover, New Hampshire ?

En Voiture :

Depuis Boston : Prendre I-95 Nord, puis I-89 Nord jusqu’à Hanover. Prendre la sortie 18. Tourner à droite en sortant de l’autoroute et suivre la route jusqu’à Hanover (10 minutes). Il faut compter deux heures et demie heures s’il n’y a pas beaucoup de circulation. Si vous quittez Boston après 14H30, surtout un vendredi soir, vous risquez de vous retrouver coincé…il faudrait compter trois heures de route.

Depuis New York City : Prendre I-95 Nord, puis I-91 nord. Prendre la sortie 13, direction Hanover/Norwich. Tourner à droite en sortant de l’autoroute et après 1,5 kms vous allez tomber sur le Hanover Inn sur votre droite. Il faut compter 5 heures de New York, s’il n’y a pas beaucoup de circulation.

En avion :

Lebanon, New Hampshire. C’est l’aéroport le plus près de Hanover. Il se trouve à 15 minutes de la ville. Mais cet aéroport est minuscule. Si vous n’aimez pas prendre l’avion, l’aéroport de Lebanon n’est pas pour vous ! Les vols à destination de Lebanon sont aussi très chers. Personnellement j’évite Lebanon. En plus il y a peu de taxis qui font le trajet entre Lebanon et Hanover.

Le colloque se tiendra à l’hôtel le Hanover Inn sur le campus de Dartmouth.  J’y ai réservé 50 chambres où j’ai obtenu un tarif réduit de $185.00 par nuit.  (Oui, vous lisez bien « tarif réduit » et $185.00 dans la même phrase !  Mais je peux vous assurer que l’hôtel est très agréable.)  Ce tarif est valable pour les nuits du 9 au 12 inclus.   Afin d’avoir ce tarif, il faut impéritivement faire votre réservation avant le 15 septembre.  Vous ne pouvez pas contacter l’hôtel directement.  Il faut m’envoyer un mel dans lequel vous précisez si vous voulez une chambre double ou simple, la date de l’arrivée et du depart, et les noms des personnes qui occuperont la chambre.  Faith.Beasley@Dartmouth.edu.   Il y a quelques chambres doubles.    Après avoir reçu votre confirmation, il faut m’envoyer un chèque libéllé au nom de Dartmouth College pour le montant du séjour.  Si par exemple vous rester trois nuits, il faut m’envoyer un chèque pour $555.00.  Ceci n’est pas remboursable au cas où vous ne pourriez pas assister au colloque.  Je suis désolée que ceci soit si compliqué, mais si on veut avoir le tarif de $185.00, c’est le processus qu’il faut suivre.  Vous pouvez envoyer le chèque à l’adresse suivante:  Prof. Faith Beasley, Department of French and Italian, HB 6087, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH  03755  USA  Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas de me contacter.