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Conference Locations

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1 - Conference Locations

This year the SE 17 Conference is co-hosted by Mills College and Stanford University, two universities located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mills College is in Oakland (East Bay), 15 miles east of San Francisco, and Stanford University is in Palo Alto (South Bay/Silicon Valley), 35 miles south of San Francisco. The distance between Mills College and Stanford is 42 miles.  The Conference hotel, the Executive Inn and Suite, is located 4.5 miles from Mills Campus. A freeshuttle service departing the Executive Inn will be available in the morning and in the evening for transportation to and from Mills College. Those missing the shuttles can reach Mills by taxi ($22) or Uber/Lyft ($5-10).

Thursday and Friday’s sessions will take place at Mills College, and Saturday’s meetings (including the plenary conference) will take place at Stanford University. On Saturday, buses will leave for Stanford University from the Executive Inn and Suite and from Mills College in the morning, and will return in the evening. Those missing the bus can reach Stanford by taxi ($100-130) or Uber/Lyft ($40-70).


Oakland’s weather in early November is mild and very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 50F to 75F. It is mostly sunny with some very occasional precipitations. Temperatures can vary a lot during the day so it is a good idea to dress in “layers”.

Bay Area Map

Campus Map

PDF Map: http://se17.bowdoin.edu/files/mills_college_campus_map.pdf


1- Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613

(510) 430-2255

Mills is an independent liberal arts college for women with graduate programs for women and men. Founded in 1852 as the Young Ladies’ Seminary in Benicia, California, Mills College boasts a rich history as a leader in women’s education. Mills was founded two years after California was admitted to statehood and the same year the city of Oakland was established. The University of California and Stanford had yet to exist, and miners, farmers, and merchants wanted to educate their daughters without sending them on the perilous journey to East Coast schools. Missionaries Cyrus and Susan Mills bought the Seminary in 1865 for $5,000, renamed it Mills College, and moved it in 1871 to its current 135-acre oasis. https://www.mills.edu/about/mission_and_history.php

For more information visit: www.mills.edu

2- Stanford University, 450 Serra Mall. Stanford, CA 94305

(650) 723-2300

Stanford University, “the Farm”, is located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. It is one of the world's leading teaching and research universities. Its 8,180-acre campus is one of the largest in the United States. Since its opening in 1891, Stanford has been dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership in a complex world. Stanford was founded as a coeducational and non-denominational institution in 1885 by Leland Stanford, a former Governor of California and U.S. Senator and by his wife Jane in memory of their only child, Leland Stanford Jr., who had died of typhoid fever at age 15. http://www.stanford.edu/about/

For more information visit www.stanford.edu


Stanford Campus PDF Map: http://se17.bowdoin.edu/files/Stanford_tour_map.pdf


2 - Conference Surroundings

1- Oakland

Oakland is a diverse and vibrant city, 5 miles south of Berkeley and 11 miles east of San Francisco. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in Oakland and the city is becoming quite trendy. The neighborhoods with the most eateries are Jack London Square, Lake Merritt, Piedmont, and Rockridge.

For detailed information check this website: http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/

Jack London square

2 miles from Executive Inn and 8 miles from Mills campus.

The Executive Inn offers its guests free shuttle rides to Jack London Square.

Situated along the scenic Oakland/Alameda estuary, Jack London Square is a vibrant destination in Oakland, bringing together dining, retail, recreation and exciting events year-round.  http://jacklondonsquare.com/about-us/about-jack-london-square

You can also take the Ferry to San Francisco from there (30 minutes ride).

Lake Merritt/Grand and Lakeshore avenues

2 miles from Executive Inn and 5 miles from Mills campus

The Executive Inn offers its guests free shuttle rides to Lake Merritt Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. From Mills campus, bus lines 57 and NL will get you there.

The Grand-Lakeshore district is the crossroads of Oakland. Seemingly everyone in town spends time here. The district is also just a short walk from Lake Merritt, Oakland's crown jewel, making it a great place to stop before or after a leisurely stroll along water. Restaurants are located along Grant and Lakeshore avenues.


BART to: San Francisco , Rockridge, Berkeley


4.5 miles from Executive Inn and 5.5 miles from Mills campus. No public transportation from Executive Inn and Mills.

The Piedmont Avenue business district runs between MacArthur Boulevard and Pleasant Valley Avenue in Oakland; there are many wonderful one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants.



9 miles from Executive Inn and 7.5 miles from Mills campus. No public transportation from Executive Inn and Mills. BART accessible from Lake Merritt BART station.

Very charming neighborhood with leafy residential streets. Its main street, College Avenue, is lined with atmospheric cafes, gourmet restaurants, independent bookstores and antiques shops. http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/rockridge/


2- Berkeley


UC Berkeley

9 miles from Executive Inn and 7.5 miles from Mills campus. No direct public transportation from Executive Inn and Mills.  Accessible by BART (Downtown Berkeley Station) from Lake Merritt BART station. http://www.berkeley.edu/

Gourmet Ghetto

8 miles from Executive Inn and 9.5 miles from Mills campus. No direct public transportation from Executive Inn and Mills. Accessible by BART (Downtown Berkeley Station) from Lake Merritt BART station.

Gourmet Ghetto is a North Berkeley neighborhood on Shattuck Avenue. It is bordered by Rose Street on the north and Hearst on the south. It is the home of Alice Waters’ famous restaurant Chez Panisse, and many more eateries. http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/gourmetghetto/


1- Sites de la conférence

Cette année, la conférence de la SE17 est organisée par Mills College en partenariat avec l’université de Stanford, deux universités de la Baie de San Francisco. Mills College est situé dans la ville d’Oakland, à 25 km à l’est de San Francisco (la East Bay). Stanford est localisé dans la ville de Palo Alto, à 55 km au sud de San Francisco (la South Bay/ Silicon Valley). Mills et Stanford sont distants de 68 km. L’hôtel de la conférence s’appelle le Executive Inn and Suite, il est à 7 km de Mills College.  Une navette assurera le transport entre le Executive Inn et Mills le matin et en fin de journée. Ceux qui n’auront pas pris la navette pourront rejoindre le campus en taxi ($22) ou en Uber/Lyft ($5-10).  Les services d’Uber et de Lyft sont très développés dans la Bay Area et les délais d’attente sont très raisonnables.

Les sessions du jeudi et du vendredi auront lieu à Mills College, et celles du samedi à Stanford. Un bus assurera le trajet entre l’hôtel, Mills et Stanford. Il partira le matin et ne reviendra qu’en fin de journée.  Ceux d’entre vous qui auront manqué le départ du bus pourront se rendre à Stanford en taxi ($100-130) ou en Uber/Lyft ($40-70). Les transports publics entre ces deux localisations ne sont pas pratiques et prennent plus de deux heures.

Climat :

Le climat d’Oakland début novembre est très plaisant et doux. Il fait généralement beau et les pluies sont rares. Les températures varient entre 10 et 25 degrés du matin au soir, il faut donc penser à prévoir plusieurs épaisseurs  de vêtements.

Bay Area Map

PDF Map: http://se17.bowdoin.edu/files/mills_college_campus_map.pdf


2- Villes et quartiers de la East Bay


Oakland, située à 18 km au sud de Berkeley, est une ville de grande diversité, riche en culture et devenue depuis quelques années très “tendance”. La ville compte de nombreux cafés, bars et restaurants et les quartiers les plus vivants sont Jack London Square, Lake Merritt, Piedmont et Rockridge.

Jack London Squareest situé sur l’estuaire d’Oakland à 3,5 km du Executive Inn et à 13 km de Mills. L’hôtel offre un service de navette gratuit vers Jack London Square qu’il vous faudra réserver individuellement. Vous trouverez à Jack London Square de nombreux restaurants et cafés offrant une vue très agréable sur l’estuaire (voir “Eating out/où dîner ?”). De là vous pourrez également prendre un ferry pour San Francisco qui vous mènera au Ferry Building. Pour plus d’informations : http://jacklondonsquare.com/about-us/about-jack-london-square

Lake Merritt/Grand and Lakeshore avenues

Ce quartier d’Oakland est situé à 3,5 km du Executive Inn et à 8 km de Mills. L’hôtel offre un service de navette gratuit vers Lake Merritt qu’il vous faudra réserver individuellement. De Mills, les lignes de bus NL et 57 sont directes jusqu’au Lake Merritt. Vous trouverez le long des avenues Grand et Lakeshore de nombreux restaurants et cafés (voir “Eating out/où dîner ?”) et les rives du Lake Merritt offrent de délicieuses promenades. De la station de BART “Lake Merritt” (le BART est le RER local), vous pourrez vous rendre à Berkeley, Rockridge et San Francisco.

Pour plus d’informations : http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/grand/

Piedmont est situé à 7 km du Executive Inn et à 9 km de Mills. Les transports en commun ne sont pas directs entre ces localisations et ils prennent du temps, je vous conseille donc de vous y rendre en taxi ou en Uber/Lyft. Vous trouverez le long de Piedmont avenue, entre MacArthur Boulevard et Pleasant Valley Avenue, de nombreux cafés et restaurants (voir “Eating out/où dîner ?”). Pour plus d’information:


Rockridge est le quartier d’Oakland le plus proche de Berkeley, il est situé à 14,5 km du Executive Inn et à 12 km de Mills. Le seul moyen de transport en commun pour vous y rendre est le BART mais il vous faudra le prendre à la station Lake Merritt, cela prend du temps et il vaut mieux prendre un taxi ou un Uber/Lyft. Vous trouverez à Rockridge de charmants cafés et restaurants le long de College Avenue (voir “Eating out/où dîner ?”). Pour plus d’informations :http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/rockridge/



UC Berkeley est situé à 14,5 km du Executive Inn et à 12 km de Mills. Là aussi, le seul moyen de transport en commun pour vous y rendre est le BART (Downtown Berkeley Station), mais il faudra vous rendre à la station Lake Merritt pour le prendre, je vous conseille donc encore la solution taxi, Uber/Lyft. Pour plus d’informations : http://www.berkeley.edu/

Gourmet Ghetto est le nom d’un quartier au nord de Berkeley. Je vois déjà ceux du fond de la classe en train de rigoler à l’évocation du nom prometteur de ce quartier qui, je vous assure, porte bien son nom : vous y trouverez toutes sortes de cafés, restaurants, marchés et “street food”; c’est également là que se trouve Chez Panisse, le restaurant d’Alice Waters. Pour plus d’informations : http://www.sfgate.com/neighborhoods/eb/gourmetghetto/


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