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CFP: MLA, New York, January 4-8, 2018, for a collaborative session between the 16th and 17th-century forum.

Submitted by ccarlin on 13 February 2017 - 3:20pm

The Sixteenth/Seventeenth Century Divide in French

French studies in North America has, by and large, clung to a divide between sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that was imported wholesale from the French academy. What’s at stake in this divide, how did it come to be, and how have its constraints shaped our field? How do those of us who work across that divide articulate our difference from that norm, and how do we define our historical corpus? How do different institutions or national traditions redraft it? What approaches, methodologies or problematics might benefit from taking down the wall between our ways of working? We invite a wide range of reflections in a round-table format (5 minutes per speaker). Send 200-word proposals to Katherine Ibbett (k.ibbett@ucl.ac.uk) and Jan Miernowski (jmiernow@wisc.edu) by 10 March 2017.