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Welcome to SE17

Welcome to The Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies

Bienvenue à la Société d’études pluridisciplinaires du dix-septième siècle français

The Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies (SE17) is a dynamic international community of scholars committed to the research and teaching of all aspects of seventeenth-century French culture and history. The Society offers, both on-line and at annual conferences, a forum for the exploration and discussion of ideas related to the Grand Siècle and, more broadly, early modern France, from an interdisciplinary perspective. A welcoming and collegial society, SE17 promotes the sharing of current research, resources, and teaching approaches among scholars of all disciplines and levels, and fosters the development of graduate students pursuing early modern French studies. SE17 publishes the peer-reviewed Cahiers du dix-septième: An Interdisciplinary Journal, which appears bi-annually. As part of the Society's mission of promoting scholarship on early modern France, the journal and its archives are open-access and accessible on-line. Founded in 1982 as the Southeast American Society for French Seventeenth-Century Studies by Professor Francis Assaf on the campus of the University of Georgia, SE17 has grown to become an international society for the interdisciplinary study of seventeenth century France. The Society changed its name in 1995 to the Society for Interdisciplinary French Seventeenth-Century Studies to recognize its ever-greater international and disciplinary reach. Today, SE17 includes members with diverse approaches to the study of early modern France and draws presenters to its annual meetings from the fields of literature, history, music, dance, theater, and art history. In recent years, this once primarily literary society has sought to more fully realize its interdisciplinary mission, and hopes to encourage even greater interdisciplinary communication and collaboration among scholars of early modern France in the years to come. Please support the SE17 mission and join our scholarly community by becoming a member today.

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